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Rockleigh 105 Gravel Fest

  • Monarto Sports Complex Monarto (map)

Welcome to the Rockleigh 105 good people of Terra Australis!!  The South Mount Lofty (Rockleigh) Ranges have presented themselves to all gravel grinding, Le Gravèurs aficionados to endure an epic adventure of joyous undulations, vistas, ridge tops and valleys. Of course, all en grave…

 Murraylands Multisports Inc. is excited to bring back this tried and tested cycling event for South Australia – The Rockleigh 105 Cycle Challenge is taking place on October 13th 2019!

LOCATION: Monarto Sports Complex (Schenscher Rd, Monarto) Off S.E.Fwy/Old Princes Hwy

Riders will start in waves according to their challenge distance.

1.        Rockleigh 105 km (Sunday Oct 13th)

i.          Registration time: 07:00-07:45

ii.         Briefing time: Start chute, 7:50am

iii.         Start time: 08:00am

 (NOTE: there are ride cut off times in place and you may be short coursed if you can’t adhere to the minimum required average pace required. We need you back safely before dark! Set at 12.5kph Feed Station 3 (54km)must be passed at 14:00hrs. The Feed station on return (70km) will shut at 14:30pm.


2.         Rockleigh 65 km, 45km and 21km (Sunday Oct 13th)

a.         All riders start together

i.          Registration time: 08:00-08:45am

ii.         Briefing time: Start chute, 08:50am

iii.         Start time: 09:00am


Ride HQ will be held at the Monarto Sports Complex, Schenscher Rd, Monarto. Access is via the Monarto exit of the SE Fwy, cross the Old Princes Hwy and turn right into the complex where marshals will direct parking. The event village has good facilities including halls, toilets, children’s playground and bbq provisions.

Ride HQ is where riders will register, deregister and gather for lunch and. Upon completing the challenge, riders will be able to hand in their ticket for their meal (included in entry price) challenge merchandise this year will be available on registration, early bird only..

All riders note that the Ride HQ is a ride neutral zone. All rides start and finish at Ride H.Q. but as this is not a race… We ask that you not put the pedal to the metal until you reach Hartmanns Rd and upon finishing, make sure you take your foot off the gas at the end of Hartmanns Rd. Schensher Rd is 100km per hour and many people use this road to short cut through to Mannum.. All riders need to sign “off course” at the start/finishing chute as directed at the finish.



Riders finish the course at Ride HQ. Upon finishing, riders names will be recorded and given a time for interest sake.. (remember not a race…)

Any rider who withdraws from the event for any reason whatsoever, must notify Ride HQ Director on 0431 638 721 so we do not coming looking for you after the event. As part of your entry, a meal will be served upon finishing along with a beverage of choice to re-hydrate. coffee and additional food will be available to purchase on the day also. 11am to 4pm. Coffee and Breakfast of bacon and egg toastie available pre-ride.


There will be ample car parking at the event Ride H.Q. located within the grounds of the Monarto Sports Complex. We ask all entrants to enter the complex via the (1st entry) southern entry where you will be then directed by marshals to the parking areas.

As this is a challenge ride of sorts, and not a race. All roads travelled on this ride are public roads and traffic may be encountered. There are no road closures in place. Please follow all local road rules and be careful at intersections, blind corners and hill crests etc. Whilst warning signs will be in place and marshals located at major intersections, we still require you to be careful out there and courteous of all road users. Locals will be advised of the event and many will be volunteering their time to help run the event. Offer a friendly smile and a hello. There should be minimal traffic during the event and given its location however, there may be the occasional driver unaware of the event in progress.

We strongly advise and ask all riders to carry and have on at all times at least a rear flashing red light and even front white lights. Early starters may encounter fog and slow riders may return close to dusk.


To help you have a hassle-free time at the Lofty 105 we will be providing the following services to riders.


Clothing and car key security

We are happy to look after a bag of clothing whilst you are out riding so you have some clean clothes to get changed into after the ride. All clothing must be in a single bag, with name, and telephone number clearly marked and must be dropped off at the ride registration marquee at Ride H.Q. before your ride.  If it is a cold morning and you are not sure how much gear to ride in, you will be able to drop gear off at the first refreshment stop (25/38km) where we can then bring your gear back to Ride H.Q. (this will be at your own risk, we ask that you right down your name and article of clothing at the checkpoint so we know who’s is whos..) Also, you can hand your car keys to us to be looked after if you require.

Clothing and car keys will be available for collection from the same spot upon signing for it on finishing

Hydration and nutrition stations

105km riders:

Hydration/snack stations are provided on the day.

·       Feed Station 1 25km, revisit at 38km on way back (Mandatory rider sign in on way back)

·       Feed Station 2 54km, revisit at 70km on way back (Mandatory rider sign in on way back) at new cfs Station, which is different from last year

65km Riders:

Fruit, chips, biscuits, lollies and hydration will be available at the following point:

·       Feed Station 1  29km

o   (Mandatory rider sign in) NEW CFS Station


45km and 21km Riders:

You should be carrying enough of your own hydration and snacks to get you through your ride. Call ride HQ if you get desperate on 0431 638 721

On course support.

There will be a mobile sag wagon following the full course.You need to be able to fix your own mechanicals whilst on course. Please offer your assistance to anyone in need.

There will be first aid/sag wagon following the riders. Please call Ride H.Q. on 0431 638 721 with any issues relating to support/injuries.

First Aid Points:

First Aid/Paramedics will be roaming the course and contactable via marshall points or via race director on 0431 638 721. For emergencies please dial 000 first then immediately notify the race director of your situation and location.. Take note road signs as you go otherwise send another rider to locate the nearest marker/marshall so first aid/medics can be advised on your where abouts. GPS/cycle meters are highly advisable.

Family Activities:

The ride H.Q. is located adjacent to the Monarto Zoo. We highly recommend family members to visit our amazing local open plain zoo.

Equipment & Safety:  


The following ride rules apply to all competitors in either the Lofty 105km or the 65km Lofty Mid:

•Riders must ride the complete course as marked and directed, passing through all checkpoints on your course. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the correct course is followed

·       Compulsory checkpoints are at hydration/nutrition stations and other key locations          (For 105km riders only)


o   38km (Wirilda Way feed station on return visit) East Bound

o   70km (New Rockleigh CFS Sation) South Bound


·       65km riders need only check in at the 29km feed station on their East bound return visit

•All riders must wear a certified bike helmet at ALL times.

•All riders must carry the listed compulsory equipment for the entire race.

•Riders who withdraw at any time after the start must advise a marshal of their withdrawal immediately.

•Riders may accept any mechanical assistance on the course.

•For the Lofty 105km ride, cut-off times will be strictly enforced as listed below:

•Australian Road Rules apply at all times on all roads, tracks and trails.

•Only registered riders, marshals or officials may ride on the course.

•Murraylands Multisports has sole discretion to alter or amend the ride format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

•If the ride is cancelled or called off after it has started, it is each rider’s responsibility to get themselves back to either the Start or Finish areas as soon as you have been notified of the cancellation.




For the Rockleigh 105km ride, cut-off times will be strictly enforced as follows:

•Riders will be short coursed at the 54km point  (route shortened by 16km) if they do not reach feed station 3/4 on corner of Black Heath/Rockleigh/Kubenk intersection by 1pm. (12.5kph)



Pre race equipment checks

Don’t forget to double check your bike for any mechanical issues before the race. Take your bike to your nearest bike shop for a tune up before the race to make sure it’s running sweetly.

 Things to carry with you

Compulsory equipment to carry

•      a First Aid kit comprising: 1 x crepe bandages suitable length for snake bites, 2 x non-adhesive wound dressings, 

·       At least one 600ml bottles of water and/or sports drink at the start of the event – even more if it is a hot day and you drink a lot!


Recommended things to carry with you:

•Sunscreen and sunglasses.

•Food and nutrition to last you until you reach the hydration/nutrition points –

•Bike pump, tyre levers, at least one spare inner tube and puncture repair kit.

•Chain breaker, allen key set, small bottle of bike lube, and a spare derailleur hanger in case you break it or bend it. (Also well worth knowing how to use your tools!)

•Rain jacket and/or thermal top and bottom (weather dependent).

•Mobile phone (there is  mobile phone reception  at most points around the course – yay!).

•Emergency space blanket 

This may sound like a lot of gear to be lugging around on a ride and in many cases you won’t need it all. However, if something does happen to you or your bike in a remote location, you’ll be well equipped to deal with most situations or stay safe until help arrives.

Plan your Hydration / Nutrition

It really pays to plan your hydration and nutrition intake during the ride and we encourage all riders to read up on recommended ideas and intakes before the ride.


Event withdrawal for emergency purposes – severe injury:

If you have a serious crash or injury whilst out on the course we suggest the following procedures:

•if you are able and without incurring further injury, move off the actual line of travel so you are out of the way of other riders , vehicles and cannot cause further injury to yourself or others

•stay on the course / track at all times - do not try and find your own way to a road by cutting ‘cross country’

•seek assistance from other riders as they come past - tell them to relay a message forward to the next marshal and checkpoint confirming your location and suspected injuries

•stay calm, use your First Aid Kit. Help will be on its way as soon as possible

•We will have a ‘Grim Sweeper’ following the last riders along the course.


Event withdrawal for non emergency reasons

If you wish to withdraw from the event because of fatigue, mechanical failure, an injury or any other reason AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED please tell a ride official. We need to keep track of what riders are out on the course.

If you started the ride and are out on the course and want to withdraw please tell the next marshal (who has mobile communication). MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE NEAREST CHECKPOINT as indicated on the maps above. For non emergency withdrawals we can only arrange for a ‘grim sweeper’ to come and pick you up from the course.

If you get lost or lose the course

If you think you are lost or have gone the wrong way we suggest you follow these procedures.

•STOP! Sit down, have a drink of water and assess the situation with a clear mind. Consider where you are.

•Think about where you last saw a road sign – how far back do you think it was (200m, 700m or 2km?)  go to it. Call event director, tell me where you are.

•When you are certain you have gone wrong backtrack along the exact route you came. Be aware of how far back you have gone and try to limit yourself to what you decided. Use your bike computer or look at your watch for time. Use your map you were given pre ride.

Mechanical repairs

If you have ‘a mechanical’ out on the course, you are entitled to accept the assistance of other riders and still continue. If you have a mechanical failure, cannot fix it out on the course and are taken to the Ride H.Q. by outside assistance (eg in the sag wagon or in someone else’s car) to get your bike fixed but wish to continue with your ride:

•advise an official when you get to the Ride H.Q.

•please notify officials of your intended route choice before you recommence your ride from the Ride H.Q.

It is the rider’s responsibility to carry sufficient tools with you and fix your own bike if you experience any mechanical failures.


Course changes

Please note that Murraylands Multisports reserves the right to change or alter the course from the description above (due to fire, rain, private landowners or other reasons) and that any changes will be clearly communicated to riders through any of the following means:

•SMS sent to competitors’ phones

•during registration via announcements on the PA and notice posted on the race notice board on Saturday evening at Ride H.Q.

•when riders are assembled at the start line or

•when riders pass a checkpoint.

•Please see the Emergency Plans and Procedures section below for more emergency plan information.


Mobile Coverage

There is a fair to good mobile phone coverage on course for Telstra 3G customers and at Ride H.Q. you should have no problems with coverage. We recommend getting to higher ground on the course for best reception if needed for Telstra and Optus users.



 We are in constant communication with the CFS about the prospect of a fire in the region of the event. We have made a commitment not to compromise the safety of any competitors or any CFS, personnel dispatched to attend a fire, any private land owners or the wilderness and surrounding areas as a result of the Rockleigh 105km cycle challenge.

As a result, there is a chance that the course could change on the day or the event could be postponed or the event could be cancelled. The event will only be cancelled if there are extreme fire weather conditions in the area over the entire weekend and it is determined that the fire danger is too great to permit cyclists to go through the course. Declaration of a Total Fire Ban on race day DOES NOT mean the event will be automatically cancelled or postponed.

Declaration of a ‘Code Red’ or ‘Extreme’ fire danger rating for the district on Sunday will mean the event will be cancelled or postponed and Murraylands Multisports refund policy for Rockleigh 105km will be enacted as detailed on the event website.

Any change of course, evacuation or event cancellation will be communicated to competitors as soon and as safely as possible, through any of the following means:


•SMS sent to competitors mobile phones

•at the event registration area on Sunday Morning pre ride

•when riders are assembled at the start line

•when riders pass a checkpoint

•all messages will be copied and placed on the official event notice board in front of the registration area at the Ride H.Q. and on the event facebook page at (URL)

Once again, these changes would be a last resort, but we respect rider safety, the landowners, residents, flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the world in extreme circumstances.


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